Does Your Profile Stand Out Yet?

Start a RaiseToPi Ownternship to get meaningful real-world experience. Tell your story confidently at interviews for colleges, jobs and funding from investors.

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Be Bold

Explore and take on your choice of real-world challenge. Create your own story through a RaiseToPi Ownternship.

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Make It Fun

Get your hands dirty and engage constructively with friends and industry experts around the world.

Go the Distance

Transform your irrational ideas into a purpose. Build a tangible real-world product. Learn professional and life-skills. 

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How does it work?

Whether you are an undergraduate, in high-school or in middle-school, RaiseToPi Ownternships put you in charge of your ideal real-world opportunity  


Get Started

  • Start your Ownternship with 2-3 friends and our Coach.

  • Identify a real-world problem you care about.


Get Building

  • Learn to create solutions while interacting with Industry Experts.

  • Build and test your solutions with a real audience.


Get Recognized

  • Participate in our events to show your work to Industry Practitioners

  • Build a profile that stands out to recruiters and colleges

Why do a RaiseToPi Ownternship?

To feel confident about our knowledge, we need an opportunity to apply it in the real-world. RaiseToPi Ownternships take luck out of the picture and put you in charge of creating your ideal opportunity:  

"My son immensely benefited from the well thought-out processes and mentorship. The hands-on experience he gained from this program will help him get future-ready."

To Put Theory Into Practice

"Our product development journey has changed my way of approaching anything. It has also made me very confident. I enjoyed listening to the journey of experts as well as other teams but the thing I enjoyed the most was the journey of my own team."

To Get Real-world Exposure

"I was looking for an opportunity to prove myself and add to my profile to help me later in college admissions. I got that and more from RaiseToPi. I now interact fearlessly with industry experts."

To Build A Strong Profile

"I am delighted to see that RaiseToPi has provided my child a platform that has infused creative as well as commercial insight in my child's overall understanding."

Amresh, CEO, Entrepreneur

Father of Angel (Grade 9), Noida

To Learn Professional Skills

"RaiseToPi has been a place for brainstorming and implementing our ideas in the real-world. We work on challenges interesting to us, without constraints like syllabus, stream, department, etc."


Final Year B.Com, Mumbai


"work on challenges interesting to us, without constraints" [more]

To Explore What Matters

"RaiseToPi is a platform where we can freely express and pursue our vision to transform this world into a better place through the development of a product."


Grade 11, Delhi NCR


"transform this world into a better place" [more]

To Make A Difference

Meet some of our Ownterns

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