Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of projects do teams work on?

The program aims to help ownterns to explore exciting career paths and to find their purpose. Owntern projects are diverse and the program accommodates interests in technology and science as much as in the arts and humanities. Past projects have included designing solutions for vehicle collisions, creating a new teen fashion line, addressing mental health in young adults, etc. Check out the "owntern projects" page for more. In short, we do not put artificial constraints on the scope of the ownterns’ work. To keep this productive, Coaches work with ownterns to translate ambitious goals into realistic plans. They also guide the team in considering and in overcoming applicable concerns including financial viability, skills gaps, resource constraints, etc.

Are there any age groups this is built for?

The program is intended to support life-long learning from ages 10 to 150! We like to say that it is for those who are young enough to see the possibilities in the world and yet old enough to take responsibility for it. So far, our youngest participants come from grade 6 and our oldest are undergraduates. We expect to start including post-graduates and professionals.

How are the teams formed?

Ownterns will need to work in teams of 3-5. One of the aspects of ownternship that is most enjoyable is the opportunity to work with friends. We recommend that ownterns start out by forming a group with 2-3 friends whom they usually enjoy working with. Such a team of 3-4 students can then add additional members with complementary skills later in their project. If you are not able to form a group of 3, we may be able to help you connect with other individuals and budding groups in locations around the world.

How much time will I need to give this program?

Our aim is to have a program where ownterns see that it can be both productive and fun to engage in the real world. If they don’t make progress continuously on this journey, they will lose morale. We have found that teams are only able to make progress if they engage for 5 hours a week in the program - 2 hours in sessions with their Coach and 3 hours working outside the session. The more ambitious the team is, the faster they want to go, the more hours they will need to put in. The Coach will help the team strike a good balance.

What benefits do ownterns get from this program?

RaiseToPi ownternships are principally an opportunity to apply skills in the real world, with guidance and support. Typically, when ownterns choose and pursue a real-world project that is of interest to them: 1 - They gain confidence and a sense of mastery 2 - They learn how to make the most of their strengths and those of their team - their communication becomes clearer, they become able to see another's point of view and build on it, they learn to plan for success, etc. 3 - They achieve the satisfaction of being able to engage seriously on their project with experts, with the opportunity to gain meaningful recognition from them

We are sure you will have more questions for us. Please get in touch with us and we will be happy to clarify further.